CCTV of a customer who managed to tip her car onto two wheels while exiting a petrol station is approaching a million views on YouTube after going viral on the Internet.The incident took place at Forecourt Trader award-winning site Brian Llewelyn a’l ferched, in Eglwyswrw, Pembrokeshire, last month, and was uploaded by Sian Jones, who owns the Murco site.

In the CCTV footage, the car is seen pulling away from the petrol pumps and attempting a sharp right turn out of the service station. As it makes the manoeuvre, two of the car’s wheels hit the kerb and tilt it over to the left. After momentarily balancing on two left wheels, the car lands safely. Sian explained that the elderly lady driver had stopped at one of the pumps but it was on the wrong side for her to fill up so she decided to drive out and return on the other side of the pump. After the incident the lady drove back onto the forecourt and calmly filled up her car. Sian’s son, Steffan, who was on the till and saw the incident, alerted Sian who spoke to her: "She said she was okay and seemed oblivious to what had happened."