Motorway services provider Moto has undertaken a major investment programme at its Lymm site, upgrading all HGV refueling facilities to provide a faster and more reliable service.

Lymm Services, located at J20 on the M6 near Warrington, is one of the busiest and biggest truckstops in the UK, supplying more than 50 million litres of fuel to HGV fleets each year. The refurbishment project has seen all the pumps being replaced with high-speed pumps and hydrapod terminals and includes new signage at the entrance and on the canopy of the 39 pumps.

Margaret Erwin, head of forecourts for Moto, said: “The new pumps fill at between 100 and 140 litres per minute – this is much faster than our previous equipment and will speed up refueling times for drivers considerably. We are able to provide a one–stop facility for drivers, enabling them to easily fill up with diesel, adblue and gas oil from one location, with fast and efficient payment terminals.

“As part of this process to dramatically improve the level of service we provide our customers, we are working in partnership with leading fuel card and fuel management solutions provider Keyfuels to handle all of our stock management.”

Moto works with Keyfuels to deliver a complete stock management programme at Lymm and 18 of its other motorway service areas across the UK. Brian McKee, Keyfuels general manager for sites & supply, said: “Moto’s investment programme is obviously great news for its existing customers, but it’s also an attractive proposition for other HGV traffic. Ultimately, this should drive volume through the site, which means an effective fuel management strategy is essential.

“At Lymm, this is a continuous process. We monitor the fuel tanks and organise all fuel deliveries into site, making four to five deliveries a day. Driver controlled deliveries make sure there is no requirement for Moto to check fuel supplies, saving them valuable time and resources.”