Motorcycle and scooter sales showed strong growth in August with sales up 13.9% compared with the the same month a year ago, reaching a total of 7.951 registrations.

Stephen Latham, head of the National Motorcycle Dealers Association (NMDA), which represents motorcycle retailers across the UK, commented: “In what is traditionally a slow volume month for motorcycle registrations, it was encouraging to see a healthy 13.9% growth in sales, ahead of the 65-plate change next month.

“Over the last four years, we have seen registrations in the month of August average at 6,500 units. August 2014 saw 6,980 registered, however this year it was extremely positive to see a total of 7,951 motorcycles and scooters registered – indicating a strong demand in the market.

He added: “All bike sectors showed increased growth in August, apart from the 50cc bikes which declined by 15.5%.

“The most significant growth came from the larger 651 – 1000cc sector, which recorded a 38% growth. There has also been increased demand in the ‘naked’ bike sector, which recorded a 29% increase.

“The market in 2015 so far has remained stable, showing an average continuous growth of 13.2%, suggesting that confidence in the economy is strong. We look forward to seeing what next month’s market holds following the 65-plate change.”