Too many motorway service areas are a mess of conflicting signs, worn-away road markings and bewildering road layouts, according to a survey by the Road Safety Markings Association (RSMA).

The survey assessed the external layout of 85 motorway service areas, including two criteria for pedestrians: amenity (are walkways in place); and quality (are they visible, logical, easy to use) and combined scores out of a possible 60.

Tebay (northbound) on the M6 and Norton Canes on M6 Toll got the highest rating of 52 points, but 12 sites in the opinion of the RSMA made inadequate provision for pedestrians and gained a zero score.

Common failures in the league table included worn out pedestrian crossings; no dropped kerb for disabled access; walkways littered with refuse bins, trees and advertising hoardings; and a zebra crossing leading walkers into manoeuvring traffic.