MRH, number one in Forecourt Trader’s Top 50 Indies, has renewed its membership of BOSS, the British Oil Security Syndicate, to maintain its use of the BOSS Payment Watch debt recovery scheme.

MRH joined BOSS in 2013 and the new agreement will see 475 MRH sites throughout England, Scotland and Wales maintaining their membership of BOSS’s Payment Watch scheme.

Karen Dickens, chief executive of MRH, said: “Since we joined BOSS Payment Watch we’ve monitored an increase in customers returning to pay after they’ve reported having no means of payment. And where drivers fail to return and pay, the BOSS debt collection procedure has proved very effective in recovering debts.

“During the past 12 months BOSS Payment Watch has been shown to save our retailers money, so we’ve taken the decision to provide BOSS membership as part of our core retailer support service. Where incidents do occur, by using the BOSS electronic reporting system retailers are able to submit information quickly and easily about drivers who have failed to settle their debt.”

Kevin Eastwood, executive director of BOSS, commented: “We’re delighted MRH is extending its commitment to BOSS. For the number one independent fuel retail group in the UK to sign up to our Payment Watch scheme is a great endorsement of the benefits it offers retailers.”