A joint initiative by the British and Irish authorities to tackle fuel laundering has helped to detect a major operation in the Irish Republic.

Revenue officers seized approximately 15,000 litres of laundered fuel at a premises in Arklow, Co Wicklow. This included 10,000 litres in an oil tanker and approximately 5,000 litres in a tank on the premises. The oil tanker transporting the laundered fuel was also seized.

As part of the strategy to combat fuel laundering, a new fuel marker (Accutrace S10) was introduced jointly with HMRC in both Ireland and the UK.

The marker enables the authorities to test samples of road diesel from distributors, forecourts and transport companies to identify the lower-taxed marked diesel intended for off-road use only, and take appropriate enforcement action where it is detected. The new marker was a significant contributor to the latest detection and seizure.

While the coloured dye had been laundered and removed from the fuel, Accutrace S10 was present, and enabled the successful detection of the laundered fuel.

Investigations are ongoing in the case, with a view to criminal prosecution.