Imperial Tobacco has launched the latest instalment in its Suspect it? Report it! anti-illicit trade campaign.

The new poster depicts a ‘dodgy deal’ at a local car boot sale, a popular location for illegal tobacco transactions. One in three adult smokers purchase illegal tobacco from pubs, market stalls and car boot sales, according to the Tobacco Manufacturers Association.

Peter Nelson, Imperial Tobacco anti-illicit trade manager, commented: “Car boot sales are traditionally associated with gentle Sunday afternoons and grabbing a bargain. However, as recently as this February Ian Whipp, 59, of Bugle, Cornwall, was convicted of attempting to sell illicit tobacco at a west Cornwall bring-and-buy gathering.

“Smokers who buy illegal tobacco from their local car boot sale may well think they’re getting a great deal. In fact, their tobacco blend could include dangerous ‘ingredients’ like asbestos and even rat droppings.

“Illicit tobacco must be stamped out. If you’ve any suspicions around its sale in your locality, then please act by contacting the Customs Hotline on 0800 595000, or your local Trading Standards or police. If you Suspect it? Then Report it.”