A Nottinghamshire forecourt retailer has warned that a lack of signs on a new road which bypasses his site is causing motorists to run out of fuel.

Tarlochan Pabla, who runs the Car Colston filling station, told BBC News Nottingham that at least three motorists had walked to his garage after running out of petrol.

He said the exits on the new stretch of the A46 were confusing motorists and badly affecting his trade, and added that the signage was so poor that he had even got lost himself on one occasion.

Tarlochan said the new road had no facilities for motorists for about 30 miles and his forecourt was now only being used by people from the area who knew the roads.

A Highways Agency spokesperson said: “Safety of road users is our top priority and so we have – exceptionally – agreed that signs can be provided for existing sites along the old A46 at their own expense.”

Tarlochan said he had been told he would have to pay between £45,000 to £85,000 for signage.

The Agency added that a planned new junction could help bring cars past the forecourt.