A filling station in Newport has been granted a licence to sell alcohol, but not 24 hours a day, as originally proposed.

Sinclair Services applied for a licence to sell alcohol around the clock at its Corporation Road site, and objections from Gwent Police and the council’s licensing department were withdrawn after conditions were agreed.

It recognised that a 24-hour licence was a cause for concern, and offered a 6am-11pm limit.

Roy Light, barrister for Sinclair Garages, argued at a Newport Council licensing sub-committee meeting that the police should be the committee’s main source of advice, and “the police are saying they are content this licence be granted, provided these conditions are put in there.”

The conditions are that a night hatch operate from 11pm-6am, and all CCTV images are retained for at least 28 days. The council’s licensing department asked that all staff be fully trained under the Licensing Act, a Challenge 25 policy be used, and staff log details of occasions when they refuse to sell someone alcohol.

The sub-committee approved the licence with a 6am-11pm limit on alcohol sales, with the conditions imposed.