The LP Gas Association has re-launched the Boost LPG website with all the latest news on the alternative fuel. The website is an independent consumer guide to LPG autogas and includes information on the benefits of the fuel, getting an LPG vehicle and filling up both in the UK and abroad. Visit

Research from Maestro UK has found that retailers who fail to display logos showing which payment cards they accept risk losing trade. A survey revealed that logo display has declined since 2002. Cardholders said they looked for instant visual confirmation that their card would be accepted and found it awkward having to ask.

Over 2,000 sales assistants at some 500 Texaco-branded service stations have now been trained using an innovative mobile training facility. The Texaco Mobile Training Unit (MTU) is available to all Texaco retailers and is fitted out to be a classroom on wheels. It can take up to six people at a time, plus a facilitator, and has audio, video and computer equipment installed. Retailers can choose from a range of courses, including basic training for working on a forecourt, health and safety and food hygiene.

Motorway service operators have been in talks with the government in their quest to be allowed to display brand logos on roadside signs. Companies such as RoadChef say that drivers are more likely to stop and take a break if they know exactly what is on offer, which will help reduce the number of accidents on our roads.