Two police officers who disarmed an armed man on a forecourt were honoured at the Gwent Police Awards ceremony, which was held at the Celtic Manor on Monday night.

Police constables Billal Hannan and Matthew Jordan were called to the Shell petrol station on Malpas Road, Newport, after a witness called police, saying they had seen what appeared to be a gun.

The officers, who had no firearms training, searched the man and located the gun in the waistband of his trousers. The officers did not know whether the gun was real or how much danger they were in.

PC Jordan took the gun from the man and threw it to the floor and arrested the man. In the citation the officers were said to have prevented a possible armed robbery at the petrol station.

The gun was found to be a starting pistol, and the man was jailed for three months.

PC Hannan said: “I had two years’ service at the time of the incident so for me it was the most serious thing I have dealt with.

“The danger didn’t cross our mind. We didn’t stand back and think about it. It’s only afterwards that you think about it.”

PC Jordan added: “It was a night shift and you never know what you’re going to be faced with. We’ll never really know what his intentions were, but it was very real looking.”