Oil 4 Wales has invested £70,000 in a truck stop at its Brecon depot, in a bid to provide 24-hour facilities for Wales’s haulage and agricultural industries.

Oil 4 Wales, which supplies 160,000,000 litres of fuel to over 65,000 customers across the nation, will provide diesel, red diesel and Adblue via the pumps at the Three Cocks site, and will accept all fuelcards on the Keyfuels system.

Director Sally Owens said the latest launch would provide “urgently needed” facilities for drivers and farmers in and around the Brecon area.

She said: “We are delighted to have launched this new truck stop in Three Cocks providing vital support for Wales’s agricultural and haulage industries.

“As a company we are proud to work for the community, and with the community, so we are extremely pleased to be providing these essential facilities in Brecon. This has been a project we have been passionate about for some time, after recognising the need for 24-hour facilities servicing those travelling in the area.

“The new site is fully equipped with all types of diesel, including those suitable for agricultural vehicles, as we aim to support drivers and communities across Wales. We hope our new truck stop becomes an invaluable source of support for thousands of heavy duty drivers travelling through Brecon annually.”

Earlier this year Oil 4 Wales invested £200,000 into the redevelopment of its owned and operated petrol station in Maesteg, which included a redesign of the shop and the development of a modern and spacious new café.