Delivered wholesaler Palmer and Harvey has launched an iPhone application to make ordering easier for its customers. The ‘Easy Order’ app is for use by retailers who have pre-registered for online ordering, and  has been designed to include and enhance much of the functionality of the barcode scanner launched in 2011.

Downloadable from the Palmer and Harvey website, the Easy Order App allows customers to build their entire order easily and then place the order direct from the app. If the order is placed by 12.00pm, retailers can expect the order to be in their next scheduled delivery.

"Having a mobile app allows customers to check prices while out on the shop floor - allowing them to order stock without having to leave a counter or other post unattended. The app also allows users to check or compare prices while mobile, without the need to get online at a computer," said Martyn Ward, managing director commercial and sales at Palmer and Harvey.

“Palmer and Harvey is at the forefront of retail innovation. With more of our retailers ordering online and using smartphones, the time was right for a mobile ordering app. Our app is among the first in our sector to offer order capture. It will not only speed up the ordering process, but also ensures retailers get the most relevant promotions by analysing their order behaviour.”

Angela Lewis, IT service desk and operations manager at Palmer and Harvey, says expectations are high regarding the take-up of the app:

“We’ve already seen 104 downloads of the app since it was launched three weeks ago. Our customers have told us how they used to spend hours going through the ordering brochures and this user-friendly system will make it so much quicker and easier.”