PayPoint retailers are now able to compete with the major supermarket groups for their customers’ Christmas savings. Almost 4,000 PayPoint retailers have already signed up to offer the new and valuable savings service to their local community, which, as well as the commission, also earns them an annual bonus of up to 1.25% on the total amount saved per customer.

Mike Igoe, retail strategy director at PayPoint, said: “Over one million families save for Christmas in some form of savings club. The average savings value is £400, made up of more than 20 visits, each of which earns commission for participating retailers.

“With the rise in VAT and national insurance, more expensive fuel and higher energy bills this year, the economy is expected to get even tighter, so PayPoint’s new savings club is a great way for independent retailers to offer their customers a great way to spread the cost of buying Christmas presents over a year - and get a bonus on top! Why let that money go to the major supermarkets?”

PayPoint will provide participating retailers with dedicated point of sale and personalised brochures with their store’s name and address printed on them. To join, customers simply go online ( and enter details from the brochure or they can sign up in store. Their savings plan is tied to the retailer’s store where the customer was signed up – so even if they top it up at another store, the amounts still count towards that store’s year end bonus.

“As recent new developments have shown, we’re concentrating our efforts on creating new products and services that ensure customer loyalty and generate additional sales for our retailers,” added Mike Igoe. “The PayPoint Christmas Club is another great example of this objective being put into practice.

”Savers will receive the gift cards and vouchers they’ve been saving all year for, in plenty of time for Christmas. There are no hidden costs, with customers getting back every penny they save. The selected store vouchers, Love2shop vouchers and gift cards can be spent in thousands of retailers, giving customers a choice of stores at which to buy their Christmas gifts. All thanks to their local neighbourhood shop.”