Phillips 66 has upgraded its mobile app to incorporate a lifting limits function – which it claims is the first of its kind in the UK. The upgrade follows the successful launch of its ‘My Phillips 66’ upgraded extranet portal and pricing app in 2014. 

The upgraded app went live this week and utilises software that features a live feed on each customer’s product status. The app is designed to give the company’s wholesale collect customers easy and immediate access to information on both pricing and lifting limits while out and about, making purchasing decisions even quicker than before.

The inclusion of the lifting limits capability had been planned by Phillips 66 since the launch of the app in November 2014, but it initially only offered the pricing function. Prior to the app upgrade, customers were able to access a live view of their lifting limits on the ‘My Phillips 66’ extranet portal. Customers can now see their limit status on each product while on the move via their mobile phones or tablets.

Wholesale customers collecting product from Phillips 66 core terminals can download the free app to their mobile devices and log in with their existing secure password and username. As well as the daily pricing information that was available previously, customers can now see where they are against their limits on each product. The app, which is compatible with Android and Apple devices, provides customers with daily, weekly and monthly breakdowns of limits as agreed with their Phillips 66 account manager.

One particular function of the app that Phillips 66 believes will be very popular with its customers is the ability to request additional volume with a tap of the screen. This function sends an instant request to Phillips 66 and additional volumes can then be authorised and made available immediately.

Mary Wolf, managing director of Phillips 66 UK & Ireland Marketing, said: “Demand for more mobile-friendly or app experiences has helped to shape the way we interact with our customers. Our lifting limits function on our extranet has always been well received by customers who loved the fact that they could get real-time data. When we went mobile with our pricing app last year, we always knew that the next enhancement to our mobile offer should be to make lifting limits available when on the move. Not only do our customers now have access to pricing and lifting limits wherever they are, but they can also get on-the-spot access to additional volume if required, reducing driver downtime.

“There will always be some customers who prefer to use a desktop website so we’ve made sure that our ‘My Phillips 66’ extranet portal is among the best in the industry, but now our mobile app experience for pricing and limits offers our customers even more control. We are confident it will prove very popular across our wholesale collect customers.”

Janet Kettlewell, operations manager at Kettlewell Fuels, added: “‘Kettlewell Fuels believes that the upgrade to the My Phillips 66 app will bring significant added value to our day-to-day business functionality. We look forward to experiencing the benefits of accessing our liftings summary and being able to make submissions for additional product requirements portably and remotely.”