The BOSS Electronic Reporting System (ERS) has secured accreditation from Secured by Design, to demonstrate that it has been successfully tested to the highest standards and meets Police Preferred Specification.

The BOSS ERS enables forecourt retailers to report and send details of incidents to police online, including vital supporting evidence from forecourt CCTV.

The system benefits retailers by making it quick and easy to submit a report online following a drive-off. For police the advantage is that detailed information about incidents is received early, meaning that swift action can be taken and significantly increasing opportunities for detection.

Mick Reynolds from Secured by Design, said: “Secured by Design is the only means for the police service to recognise crime prevention and security products of proven quality nationally. All products and services must meet police preferred specifications or standards that are demonstrated to be effective. We are pleased to confirm that the BOSS Electronic Reporting System meets these police preferred specifications and will help to keep BOSS at the forefront of the fight to reduce crime on forecourts.”

Kevin Eastwood, BOSS executive director, said: “The BOSS Electronic Reporting System offers significant advantages for both the police and our fuel retailing partners. Incidents can be followed up much more quickly and effectively as all details and evidence can be supplied online in one go. Accreditation to Secured by Design clearly demonstrates that the BOSS Electronic Reporting System conforms to stringent police preferred specifications”