Total is paying for a mobile police station that has been set up on one of its forecourts to combat anti-social

behaviour. Staff at the outlet in Allenton, near Derby, were getting worried by youths constantly hanging around the forecourt, drinking alcohol and causing trouble.

Total managers came up with the idea of a permanent police presence at the site and a small white cabin is now on the forecourt, which is already proving popular with residents as well as garage staff.

"We have always got on well with the police and it has definitely helped having a police presence on the site," said manager, Tracey Robinson. "This has stopped people driving off without paying as well as stopping the youths from hanging around."

The cost of the operation has not been disclosed, but the cabin is used by both police officers and police community support officers when they are between patrols. It also gives them a place to complete paperwork. One of the officers using the cabin, PC Paul Trussell, said: "Working together like this shows a good partnership and it links us with the community. They are interested in why we are there and what we are doing."