West Yorkshire detectives have warned residents of a series of thefts which has been taking place in Huddersfield in which cars have been stolen from petrol stations while the victims have been paying for fuel.

Over the past month, officers have reported a sharp increase in these types of offences, in particular when victims have left keys in the ignition while going to pay for petrol and thieves have got in their car and driven it away.

Detective constable Scott Hartley, at Kirklees CID, said: “We are investigating eight similar offences at this time but believe there may be other victims who have not yet come forward.

“I would urge motorists to be vigilant while going to fill up at petrol stations to ensure that you take the keys out of the ignition and lock the car while paying.

“Anyone who has any information about these incidents is asked to contact myself at Kirklees CID via 101.”