Autogas is claiming an estimated 8 million drivers are interested in using its fuel after an independent poll by Auto Express, Britain’s biggest selling weekly car magazine, revealed that 26% of UK drivers would consider converting their car to run on autogas LPG.

The findings come just weeks after the launch of a new conversion network by Autogas which is designed to fill the void left by vehicle manufacturers who fail to sell LPG-ready vehicles from their UK showrooms, despite their widespread availability in the rest of Europe.

Linda Gomersall, general manager, Autogas, said: “These independent results are welcome news and reflect our own research which found that motorists want to take advantage of the cost and environmental benefits of driving on LPG, but cannot do so because of the lack of product offering from vehicle manufacturers. Perhaps this sizeable favourable reaction will convince car makers to reconsider their UK product strategy and provide our drivers with the same level of choice as our European neighbours.”

Drivers who make the switch to driving on autogas LPG can benefit from much cheaper motoring. Current LPG costs are 61.5ppl compared to 109.6ppl for unleaded, meaning drivers can slash their fuel bills by up to 40%. Autogas says driving on LPG autogas is also much less harmful to the environment than petrol or diesel as cars emit less CO2, oxides of nitrogen and soot particulates.

“We welcome all those drivers who expressed an interest in taking advantage of cheaper LPG motoring and would encourage them to visit our new website to learn where their nearest Autogas approved conversion centre is so that they can start saving as they drive,” adds Gomersall.