The RMI Petrol Retailers’ Association (PRA) is urging the UK government to follow France in cutting fuel prices.

The French government and the major oil companies have agreed to cut fuel prices by up to 6 euro cents per litre for three months to help drivers hit by a recent increase in prices, Finance Minister Pierre Moscovici said on Tuesday.

Brian Madderson, PRA chairman said: “The move by the French government is to be applauded. They have reacted quickly to rising fuel costs knowing that any further increases would impact negatively on their economy. It is imperative that the UK government follow their lead in the fight to restore our economy and bring us back out of recession.

“The PRA in association with the Taxpayers’ Alliance recently launched a major campaign to highlight the burden that excessive fuel taxes are placing on motorists and retailers alike. The campaign has seen fuel tax stands displayed at forecourts across the country showing the true cost of taxes as 60% of the pump price of petrol and diesel. The aim of campaign is to put pressure on the Chancellor to cut fuel duty by 5ppl over five years or at the very least to freeze fuel duty for the rest of this Parliament.

“The PRA believes that fuel tax unfairly penalises low income earners, single families and rural communities that often have poor public transport alternatives. Therefore we will continue to lobby the government to cut or freeze fuel duty.”