The Petrol Retailers Association (PRA) has joined forces with the Safety Pass Alliance (SPA) to offer a comprehensive online training programme for all forecourt operators and their employees.

The e-learning package, developed in association with the SPA by the PRA’s technical team, Phil Monger and Ray Blake, gives employees a greater understanding of the level of risk while working on a forecourt and how to ensure the safety of themselves and the public.

The training package comprises three modules, with the first launching this month and the other two to follow in May.

Module 1: An induction for all new employees covering safe site operation, legal responsibilities, flammable products, hazardzones, forecourt ignition sources, site security, forecourt incidents, spills & leaks, fire and emergencies.

Module 2: This covers daily operations it includes security, forecourt equipment, incident reporting, mis-fuelling, weather, and managing visitors and contractors.

Module 3: Covering the safe unloading of tankers, this module include safe storage, preparing for a tanker, ullage, preparing documentation, unloading fuel, driver-assisted and unassisted deliveries, actions by the driver, vapour recovery, emergencies and completing documentation. 

The training, which offers a consistent approach for all staff, even on multi-site estates, takes 2.5 hours for each employee to complete on a PC, laptop or tablet and can be easily monitored by managers. Each module has a printable certificate on successful completion

“Working with the SPA, the PRA’s technical officers have drawn on their many decades of experience and consulted with members of the Technical Committee to ensure that this new e-learning package captures everything that is necessary to enable employers to be confident that they have provided their staff with sufficient training to carry out their roles in a safe and competent manner,” said PRA technical director Phil Monger.

“The SPA and PRA have worked within and beyond the guidelines for Petroleum Forecourt Operators Training issued by the Petroleum Retailers National Steering Group, and are confident that it fits exactly what is required in the complex field of petrol forecourt safety and retailing compliance.”

The SPA runs safety passport schemes for a number of industries across the UK and has operated the petrol forecourt contractor passport scheme for the past 16 years. There are now more than 20,000 individuals who hold the SPA Contractor Petrol Card.