Trading Standards officers throughout the East Midlands have joined forces in a UK-first to let motorists know they’re getting their money’s worth of fuel.

Petrol pumps that have been checked for accuracy will now display a special sticker to reassure drivers that they’re getting what they pay for. The idea was the brainchild of Trading Standards officers in Northamptonshire, who suspected that motorists were unaware that all pumps had to be tested to comply with the Weights & Measures Act.

They then carried out a survey which revealed that 56 per cent of motorists did not know, but 99 per cent felt it was important that they did know – and so the sticker was devised. The stickers are now going on site – with the permission of forecourt owners – at outlets in Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire, Derbyshire and Northamptonshire.

There are around 2,200 petrol pumps on 155 sites in Leicestershire alone, which range from small rural garages to large motorway service stations.

Leicester’s Weights & Measures Chief Inspector, John Knight (pictured placing stickers at a Texaco outlet in the city) said: “Consumers should feel more confident knowing that the accuracy of pumps has been independently checked by a Trading Standards officer.

“These new stickers also reassure consumers that we are working with

businesses to ensure they are trading fairly.”