WashTec Security Systems – powered by Big Brother, a Dutch CCTV Specialist – has recently installed a full

CCTV-based monitoring system at the George Hammond plc service station site in Queenborough, near

Sheerness in Kent.

The system, specially designed for forecourts, captures images from cameras located throughout the site

and links them with the fuel transaction. As images are tagged together and stored as a full sequence or

transaction, retrieving images is described as a quick and simple practice for busy on-site staff.

At its heart is PumpWatch which allows image searches via pump number, receipt number, vehicle registration, date and time. Drive-offs and ’no means of payment’ incidents can swiftly be stored in the Black List function reducing the risk of repeated drive-offs.

Details of images and transactions can be shared with debt-recovery agencies or the Police.

Washtec says the system is simple to install and can either come as a complete new system or can be

installed using existing cameras. It can also be accessed remotely from a PC or iPad enabling

management to access the system from anywhere in the world with internet access..

Key System features are:

• CCTV linked to the fuel controller

• Transaction based recording on forecourt and in-store

• Easy system interrogation to rapidly locate relevant images

• Management can search for images via date and time, pump number, etc...

• Remote access allows for off-site system management

John Ryeland, Retail Operations managing firector of George Hammond PLC

Remote access for management purposesThe WashTec Security System is simple to install and can either

come as a complete new system or can be installed using existing camera systems.

The onsite management at Queenborough are very positive about their new Security System, as the flexible

monitoring and simple operating procedure provided by the system allows them to work with increased

confidence and efficiency.

John Ryeland, retail oerations managing director of George Hammond said: “The WashTec BigBrother system is tailored for the world in which we operate on our forecourts. Its capability to link to our fuel controls systems coupled with its well-designed search functions gives us confidence that we can identify and investigate security concerns when they occur.”