UK cash machine supplier, InfoCash, says the average transaction time for customers using its latest generation of ATMs will be around 28 seconds. It’s an improvement of more than 15 seconds on the previous average and means that using an InfoCash machine at a location such as a pub or a convenience store will give access to cash at the same speed as an ATM at a high- street bank.

Transaction processing time has been significantly improved by an upgrade to the Triton operating system and the latest software will now feature as standard in all InfoCash ‘X2’ generation, free-standing and through-the-wall ATM models.

David Collings, InfoCash director of sales said: ”We operate in a customer-driven market; users want and expect quick and easy access to their money and this new software reduces transaction times dramatically. With connectivity as fast as broadband, it doesn’t matter where an ATM is located, cash will be dispensed at the same speed as a bank ATM. Better performance gives users an enhanced experience and will reduce queuing at busy locations”.

He continued: “All venues installing a new InfoCash ATM will enjoy the benefits of this improvement and what’s more, it requires no changes to telephony or the on-site infrastructure”.