The PRA is urging retailers to get involved in a campaign to curb excessive fees charged for processing debit and credit card transactions.

The EC has announced plans to introduce limits, but it could take years before they are implemented and the PRA wants to apply pressure for the process to be speeded up and strengthened.

PRA chairman Brian Madderson said PRA members can help by taking part in an online survey on the fees that the EC has commissioned Deloitte to carry out.

Deloitte said responses were needed to enforce the legislation, but so far response rates from UK retailers have been disappointing.

Madderson said responding to the survey should take about 15-30 minutes, and the questions deal mainly with the annual number and value of payments processed, for the various payment means that companies accepts.

The survey can be found at: and the closing date has been extended until the end of August.

Madderson added: “Without your support things won’t change so please take some time to ensure your views are heard.”