The MyLondon website has published some of the hilarious reviews posted on Google Reviews about the motorway services on the M25.

The 117-miles of the M25 are served by four motorway service areas: Clacket Lane, Cobham, South Mimms and Thurrock.

One reviewer gave South Mimms one star for the service he received at the KFC and wrote: “The most miserable goon it’s ever been my misfortune to deal with. I suppose the attitude is that they will ’never see these people again’ and guess what? They’re right!"

Another user gave South Mimms a one-star review along with the feedback: "Aaaaaagggggggghhhhhhhh, the gateway to hell. AaaAaAaaaaaagggggggghhhhhhhhh."

Another reviewer found South Mimms ‘very disappointing’, said the toilets were dirty and suggested people ‘hold it in’ instead of using them but still gave the services two stars.

Regarding Thurrock, a reviewer said, rather worryingly, that it was “a great place for a murder…!”

At Clacket Lane, reviews were very mixed with one person describing the services as ‘the seventh circle of hell” and “over-priced, crowded and smelly”. Meanwhile, another person wrote "GREAT FRIENDLY STAFF, UNEXPECTED HIGH STANDARDS”, all in caps, and gave it five stars.

However, Cobham came out on top with one reviewer saying that if his wife left him, he would be happy to move in and emulate Tom Hanks who moved into an airport in the film, The Terminal. The reviewer said Cobham was: “Quite honestly the greatest services ever built”.