The Road Haulage Association has welcomed the news that the Scottish National Party are to vote against the 3ppl fuel duty increase planned for January 2013.

"The more opposition to the planned increase, the more chance of the Chancellor abandoning his plans to increase fuel duty and thereby reducing the stranglehold it places on the UK economy," said RHA spokesperson, Kate Gibbs. "This opposition is now growing daily as members from all political parties realise the negative effect on their constituents, who are currently paying the highest rate of fuel duty in Europe".

She said the Association had been campaigning long and hard to see the fuel duty issue addressed.

"To that end, the RHA commissioned an independent report from the National Institute of Economic and Social Research which states, quite clearly, that a fuel duty cut of 3ppl would:

Create 70,000 jobs

Boost the economy by 0.2% - essential at a time when financial growth is so critical

Reduce the fiscal position by £1800M - significantly less that the £3 billion the Treasury would expect.

"It’s all there in black and white," said Gibbs. "This is not just a report that says we have a problem, we already know that. This is a report that provides a sound a workable, long-term solution to what has been a long-term problem.

"When we presented a copy of the report to Chief Secretary to the Treasury, Danny Alexander on October 29, he declared that he was keen to explore its findings. We hope that common sense has prevailed and that having read the report, the solutions it contains will be accepted and swiftly acted upon."