RMI Petrol is planning a return to Northern Ireland in Spring 2012 following its first regional forum in the region for at least 15 years.

Held at the end of September in Belfast, the meeting was attended by around 45 fuel distributors, retailers, product and service suppliers, media and HM Revenue & Customs.

Presentations were made by sponsors Topaz Energy, Santander, Bank Machine, Wayne and Petroman. Martin McCann and team from HMRC also presented on fuel smuggling and laundering which, although reducing, remains a key topic in Northern Ireland.

Brian Madderson, chairman of RMI Petrol, said: “It was exciting to find so many enthusiastic sponsors for the event with Topaz Energy leading the way as they already supply retail fuels to several independents. Positive comments were made by many present and so we are already planning a return, perhaps as early as Spring 2012.”

Attendee Richard Irvine, retail & distributor manager at Emo, said “I certainly thought that the roadshow was worth attending and other people who were there also shared this opinion.”

Richard Stones, retail area manager at Topaz Energy, said: “I found the day extremely interesting and I know my customers felt it useful too.”