RMIP chairman Brian Madderson was snapped outside No 10 Downing Street this week on his way to a meeting with Susan Acland-Hood, senior policy advisor to the Prime Minister.

“I was not just posing outside, but about to go in for the meeting at No 10 to discuss the idea of using CCTV/ANPR for curtailing the activities of a number of uninsured and unlicensed drivers by refusing to sell them fuel on forecourts.

“The idea came through Ernst & Young, who have been in talks with insurance companies about the increase in insurance driving costs, which is costing us all about £30 in extra premiums. Apparently uninsured drivers to have a higher rate of accidents than those who are insured.

“What I found refreshing was No 10 wanted to engage with the industry.”

The meeting was attended by Brian and RMIF policy advisor Robin Hulf of Hulf Macrae.