Sainsbury’s newly-refurbished store in Darnley, Glasgow includes an eco-friendly petrol station. It aims to reduce energy use by 50% by employing more efficient technology, generating power from solar panels and maximising the use of rainwater.

Rainwater is collected from the canopy, shop roof and car wash roof and held in a 600-litre tank. The harvested water is then used in the car wash and for flushing the toilet in the store. The changes aim to save up to 1.7 million litres of water a year.

The car wash building is equipped with low energy heating, LED lighting and thermally-controlled doors.

At the front of the petrol station, the kerbing and drains are all made from recycled glass and plastic for minimal maintenance.

David Penfold, Sainsbury’s head of sustainability and innovation, said: “The new petrol station has been designed to really minimise our need to consume energy from the national grid.”