Plans for a Sainsbury’s superstore and six-pump petrol station in a Pembrokeshire town have been unanimously approved, despite it already having Tesco and Morrisons superstores with petrol stations.

The development in Haverfordwest, which also includes more than 700 homes, was recommended for approval at a council meeting on Tuesday August 3 despite concerns that a third supermarket could undermine the “vitality and viability of the town centre”.

A Pembrokeshire council planning report into the Conygar development concluded it would help regenerate the town and would have “positive economic and social impacts”.

However, it admitted that a new supermarket - in addition to the existing Tesco and Morrisons stores - could affect smaller shops in the town centre.

The report said: “The analysis of retail impact does suggest that there is a risk that the proposed superstore could result in closures of existing convenience stores in the town centre.”

But it added that this had to be seen in the context that local shops already had to trade in an area where there was a “significant out-of-centre superstore” presence.

Pembrokeshire council leader Jamie Adams said the decision gave the county a "significant" economic opportunity.

He added: “I think it’s excellent news for the town to have the extra housing near the town centre as that will being in extra customers.”