An enterprising West Midlands recycler is giving people the chance to swap their old clothes for petrol.

Lee Featonby, from Rugeley Rags and Wipers, said that with petrol prices so high, it was a good way of encouraging people to recycle.

People are asked to donate a black bin liner full of clothes or shoes in return for one litre of petrol. However, if they donate more bin liners they can claim more petrol.

Featonby has so far joined forces with Withymoor Petrol Station in Netherton but is keen to get other forecourts involved.

The recycling scheme at Withymoor runs at weekends. People take their unwanted clothes in and the garage gives them their free petrol – Featonby then reimburses the garage.

All the donated clothes are shipped to a distribution firm, which then either sends them to overseas charities or on to other recycling organisations.

Featonby says uptake so far has been a little slow but he is trying to generate more publicity for the scheme and get more forecourts on board. Anyone interested in getting involved can contact Forecourt Trader and we will pass on your details.