The government has announced that new rules on the labelling of petrol and diesel at service stations are to be rolled out from September.

The labels are intended to help motorists to make sure they have the right fuel for their vehicle, preventing mis-fuelling and enhancing understanding of the fuel’s biofuel content.

The government has made the announcement as part of its response to the road fuel labelling consultation. It said its response to other aspects of the original consultation concerning E10 petrol and consumer protection will be announced later.

The introduction of fuel labelling is required by the European Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Directive (AFID), and follows the publication of the EU Standard EN16942 Fuels Identification of Vehicle Compatibility, and the subsequent British Standards Institute (BSI) BS EN 16942. This sets out harmonised labelling requirements for marketed liquid and gaseous fuels. It requires fuel identifiers to be placed on fuel nozzles, on new vehicles and in their manuals as well as in vehicle dealerships.