Top 50 Indie Sewell on the go has provided support for a local charity in Hull which donates bikes for use in Africa.

Since the Avenues Bicycle Project started collecting and sending bikes to the continent in 2012 the bikes had to be stored in sheds and garages across the area.

But now it has a secure storage point at Sewell on the go in Chanterlands Avenue, which gives them increased storage and the peace of mind of 24 hours a day CCTV and lighting.

The move has come as the charity celebrates a major milestone with the shipment of 380 bikes to Sierra Leone.

Chris Jarrell, founder of the charity, said: “This is a very important milestone for us. We are a charity that survives on volunteer power, so I’m very proud of what we have achieved. It just shows what can happen when people come together.”

Chris, 60, said he used a bike for his daily commute but, when he retired, he wanted to donate it to a worthy cause. When he could not find anywhere to donate the bike to, he decided to set up his own charity and the operation grew from there.

He added: “It’s a way for people to travel and, in a place like Sierra Leone, it can mean the difference of getting education or not.

“It means a child can make the long journey to school and come back, and still be able to help the family out with work that needs to be done.”

Patrick Sewell, managing director of Sewell on the go, said: “We were approached last year by a local charity who had a need for storage for refurbished cycles to send out to Africa.

“It seemed like an obvious charity to help, in that we had some surplus space and we were right on the doorstep for them. We operate 24 hours and thus provided greater security for their container.”