Shell has launched an on-forecourt electric vehicle (EV) rapid charging service call Shell Recharge.

The new service is now available at Shell Holloway in London, Shell Whyteleafe in Surrey, and Shell Derby, and will be launched at a further seven locations within Greater London and Reading by the end of the year.

Jane Lindsay-Green, Shell UK future fuels manager, said: “Shell Recharge provides electric vehicle drivers with a convenient way to charge their cars on-the-go. We’re pleased to offer rapid electric charging on the forecourt, allowing us to broaden the range of fuel choices we deliver.”

Shell Recharge provides rapid 50kW DC chargers, which are compatible with most electric vehicles, and will charge most cars from zero to 80% in approximately 30 minutes.

Customers pay for Shell Recharge by using the Smoov app mobile payment system. There are no subscription or connection fees and customers only pay for the power used to recharge their car. Until the end of June 2018, Shell is offering an introductory offer of 25p per kWh versus the normal price of 49p per kWh.

While they charge their vehicle, customers can pick up a drink or snack at Shell’s Select Shop, offering Deli2Go and Costa Coffee, and use Shell’s free wifi.

Lindsay-Green added: “Shell Recharge will soon be available at 10 sites in the UK and will offer EV drivers in these areas a reliable, convenient and subscription-free charging service where they can charge their vehicle and take a break from their journey.”

As part of this initiative, Shell has been collaborating with Transport for London (TfL) to introduce the charging points, in line with the London Mayor’s drive for a Zero Emission capital by 2050.

Shirley Rodrigues, deputy mayor of environment and energy, said: “It is great news that Shell is introducing electric vehicle charging services on its forecourts as thousands more Londoners switch to cleaner cars. With sales of diesel cars declining, it’s vital to have charging points for electric vehicles in service stations, car parks and on our streets.

“As the mayor moves towards making London’s transport system zero-emission by 2050, TfL is working with boroughs to increase charging infrastructure across our city. The expansion we require will continue to demand strong collaboration with industry, private landowners and greater investment from Government.”

Shell Recharge has been introduced in partnership with Allego, which will manage the operation of the rapid chargers. Anja van Niersen, CEO of Allego, said: “Electric mobility is developing very fast and a new generation of e-cars is now available for consumers. We highly value Shell’s vision and leadership in integrating rapid charging at their service stations. We know that electric vehicle drivers want the right charging solution at the right place, to be always available and combined with excellent services. Shell Recharge shows how these wishes can be met.”

In addition to the three sites already launched, by the end of 2017, Shell Recharge is scheduled to be operational at Shell Addlestone (Surrey), Shell Blendon (Kent), Shell Burgh Heath (Surrey), Shell Fairfield (Reading), Shell Ickenham (London), Shell Stirling Corner (Hertfordshire), and Shell West Drayton (London). Shell Recharge will also soon launch in the Netherlands.

Shell said the location of the first 10 sites have been chosen because of their proximity to main driving routes, and where there is an opportunity to reach more EV drivers.