New shopper research from IGD shows the number of shoppers claiming to go to discount stores like Lidl and Aldi has increased over the past year, and is set to increase further.

Nearly half (46%) of shoppers claim they would use food discount stores more in the future, if there was a shop near where they work or live.
The monthly survey among 1,000 shoppers also found that:
-26% say they will use food discount stores more in the future;
-5% claim to use discount stores for their main grocery shopping trip (up from 3% in September 2010);
-younger shoppers and those with teenage children are more likely to use discounters;
-32% of shoppers say they think food will be “much more expensive” over the next 12 months, compared with 25% the same time last year.
Joanne Denney-Finch, chief executive, IGD, said: “Discounters still account for a very small proportion of the market overall. But they might be expected to do well during an economic downturn, with 60% of shoppers telling us that they will use them more if their personal economic circumstances get worse.
“Shoppers also say that perceptions of discounters have changed over the years, with 81% of regular discount food shoppers believing that the quality of products has improved.”

IGD estimates the discount grocery market to be worth £6.4bn (to end 2010).