Top 50 Indie Simon Smith Group has set a date for the start of its next knockdown rebuild forecourt development.

The redevelopment of Junction Service Station in Daventry, Northamptonshire will start on January 3, 2011, following two years in the planning. The provisional date for opening is April 5.

The site is one of two Simon Smith forecourts with planning permission, but a heavily compromised plan for Comptons Service Station in Cubbington, near Leamington Spa have put the brakes on a second redevelopment.

Susie Hawkins, director of Simon Smith, said: “Planning for Comptons has been going since 2008 and what we’ve ended up with is a compromise so we’re not going to do that yet. Junction was relatively straight forward. It’s different with each planning authority. You can be trying to do the same thing with two sites and one you can get exactly what you want but the other you come across lots of hurdles.”

Junction is being rebuilt with a four-square forecourt layout, car wash, jet wash, convenience store and Subway. The site is being designed by Bayliss Design.