Convenience shopping is a more complex business than ever before, with shoppers viewing it as six different formats, according to new research by Masterfoods. The £750,000 research showed the forecourt retailer is now firmly recognised as a convenience store – under the grouping ‘transient petrol’ – along with the other formats: city centre; neighbourhood; local shop; high street stop off; and specialist; and shoppers treat them all differently.

However petrol retailers in these transient locations should dual-site core impulse products to cash in on lunchtime sales opportunities.

The research revealed that unlike other convenience formats, shoppers at petrol stations on main roads and non residential areas are looking for something to eat or drink on the hoof, particularly at lunch times.

Findings showed that shoppers are buying confectionery on impulse but not purchasing it with lunch, highlighting an opportunity for retailers to encourage impulse sales by dual siting products at the lunch fixture.

Richard Marris, trading director at Masterfoods, said: “Transient petrol shops need to take advantage of the impulsive additions to the lunchtime mission by making drinks, crisps and confectionery available alongside sandwiches.

“To better serve their customers, they could also improve the availability and communication of the top-up categories offered, such as bread and milk.”