A merchandising trial at the three Oxfordshire-based Fraser Group sites has led to a 12% uplift in sales of oil.

The trial was orchestrated by Castrol in conjunction with Convenience Distribution Oxford, part of the Convenience Distribution Group (CDG). It involved the three Fraser sites (Brize Norton, Cannon Pool and Georgetown) stocking the correct viscosities of oil, remerchandising the shelves according to the ’consumer decision hierarchy’ and using new educational point-of-sale material. There were also communications at the pumps.

Castrol’s research had found that 50% of motorists were unsure about which oil they should be using for their car.

Fraser group operations manager, Mark Wilson, said: "Castrol’s re-merchandising helped simplify the customer experience of shopping for oil - making it easier for people to find the products they need. Through education and clear messaging at the point-of-sale and pumps, our customers were able to choose the right products for their cars."

CDG is now rolling out the Castrol trial to 1,500 forecourts nationwide.