Customers of Stans Supermarket, in St Martins near Oswestry, can get their petrol for as little as 120.9ppl and diesel for 129.9ppl. That’s because the independent superstore is running an offer where shoppers who spend £50 or more in the store get an extra 7p off per litre. And Stans’ current pole sign price is 127.9ppl for unleaded and 136.9ppl for diesel.

Andrew Faulkes, co-owner of the store, said this made them nearly the cheapest for fuel in the UK.

“We use our fuel prices to attract customers and as a thank you to those who keep shopping with us. We’re lucky in that our nearest superstore with fuel is 12 miles away but that’s likely to change.”

Andrew checks his prices against others across the UK by visiting

The fuel is supplied by Jet and the deal is being advertised in local newspapers, on bus sides and on local radio.