Supermarket prices for unleaded fell by 0.9ppl to 131.5ppl in the past month, meaning the gap between supermarket prices and the UK average for unleaded has risen to 2.2ppl, according to the AA’s latest price report.

Unleaded prices have fallen by 0.8ppl from 134.5ppl to 133.7ppl, while diesel prices have risen by 1.3ppl from 139.6ppl to 140.9ppl.  The price difference between unleaded and diesel has risen to 7.2ppl.

In terms of the regional outlook, London recorded the highest price for unleaded at 134.8ppl while  Yorkshire and Humberside recorded the lowest price for unleaded at 132.8ppl.  Northern Ireland recorded the highest diesel price at 141.8ppl, and again Yorkshire and Humberside were the lowest priced, with diesel at 140.3ppl.

Europe-wide problems with supply, some refiners looking to protect margins, and stock market speculators making money on a tight market have been responsible for pushing up the diesel price in the UK, despite falling oil prices. Petrol pump prices are showing more signs of the fall in wholesale prices brought on by cheaper Brent crude.  Barrel price was $110.

The UK has the seventh highest petrol price in Europe and the second highest diesel price.