The TaxPayers’ Alliance (TPA) has lent its support to Fair Fuel UK’s campaign to cut fuel duty, which has seen the campaigning group hold a mass lobby of MPs at Westminster today.

TPA director Matthew Sinclair said: “British drivers are hit unfairly hard by motoring taxes that are far too high. Fuel Duty in this country is the highest in Europe and the second highest in the world. Families in the suburbs and rural areas suffer the most as driving is so often essential outside city centres.

“When George Osborne delivers his Budget later this month he should listen to ordinary taxpayers, cut fuel duty and then freeze it for the rest of this Parliament.”

Research by TPA shows the extent of the burden of motoring taxes. Its Tax Buster smartphone app reveals that filling up the tank with £60 of petrol would have only cost £23.86 without indirect taxes. Paying that £60 required £104.84 in earnings before income and business taxes are taken into account.