The first Loco-branded forecourt store has been opened in Leeds by Top 50 Indie The Brookfield Group, achieving an uplift of 10% store sales since its conversion to this new symbol group.

The Loco symbol group was created by Nisa to give smaller convenience and forecourt stores the opportunity to be part of a symbol group as well as acting as an alternative fascia option for stores in close proximity to an existing Nisa fascia.

Each store under the Loco banner is unique and can tailor its range to fit its customers’ needs while having access to more than 12,000 product lines and 400 promotional offers in each three-week period.

Raj Patel, managing director of The Brookfield Group, said: “We decided to open a store under the Loco banner as we were impressed with the clean and fresh design as well as the strong support available. We are able to tailor our range to suit our customer demographic while having the benefits of being a member of symbol group. We look forward to this store flourishing under the Loco brand.”

Umar Patel, Brookfield’s operations manager, added: “We are extremely pleased with the outcome of Brookfield’s first Loco store. We are currently working on two further Loco developments, one store that will open mid-July as well as another at the end of October.”

Raj Krishan, retail development director, also commented: “Although only recently established, the Loco store format has already been adapted for a variety of stores and locations including a converted car showroom, a high street location, a store in an affluent area and now a forecourt site, showing the true adaptability of the Loco brand and strength of the package.”

Forecourt stores have been highlighted as a significant development opportunity for Nisa and the company is in the final stages of development of its forecourt strategy. The strategy is centred around the development of different forecourt formats to maximise key shopper missions. This will be launched to all trading formats including the Loco and Nisa symbol groups as well as non-fascia members later this year.