Top 50 Indie, Petrocell Holdings, has committed three more of its forecourts to the Gulf brand.

The Croydon-based company has a £44m turnover and its portfolio includes 10 filling stations, nine of which are now supplied by Certas Energy.

The latest sites to go Gulf are in Sidmouth and Oakford in Devon and Colwich in Staffordshire. All three were previously tied to Harvest with a combined volume of 5.5mlpa. Petrocell believes that the move to Gulf and some planned investment will boost volumes to around 7.6ml.

“We have seen strong growth across the network when we have introduced the Gulf brand to our forecourts," confirmed Dermot Dowling, chairman, Petrocell Holdings. "Gulf is now our principal fuel provider. We know that we are placing these sites in the capable hands of people who will support us and work with us to get the best out of our forecourts.

“The deal is competitive, the brand is strong and there is a flexibility in the partnership that serves us well. Our proven business model is based upon long term business relationships and working alongside Certas Energy and the Gulf brand will enable us to unleash the full potential of all three sites.”

The majority of the Petrocell forecourts are located within easy access of the M25 and all are managed operations. The business generates a throughput of 32mlpa, with shop sales totalling over £12m. The company’s flagship site, Lady Lane Garage, Hadleigh near Ipswich has enjoyed a significant increase since being fully redeveloped with a new Gulf-branded forecourt and shop.

 “Lady Lane is an industry success story and a showcase for the Gulf brand,” said Craig Nugent, head of dealer sales, Certas Energy. “Petrocell and Certas Energy have worked together for some years and it is gratifying that the company now feels able to commit 9 of its 10 forecourts to Gulf. 

“Our relationship is built on trust and delivering results and we shall continue to explore every avenue to support this dynamic dealer group to drive up volumes and revenues.”