A Top 50 Indie, which was included in a list “naming and shaming” companies for not paying the national minimum wage, has slammed the exercise as a publicity stunt that did not tell the full story.

The Department for Business Innovation & Skills (BIS) issued the list which featured 115 companies. Top of the list was Monsoon Accessorize which had arrears of more than £100,000, but at 104 and 106 on the list was DK Forecourts, which BIS claimed had ”neglected to pay” £156 to one worker and £151.44 to another.

Area manager Gillia Hughes said: “I feel they are not reporting both sides, or that they both were paid in full.” She explained that in both cases the employees had been dismissed and then made a complaint.

She said: “In one case the staff member had only been with us for three days and was on probation and turned up for work drunk and fell asleep. In the other case she had been with us two years and £300 went missing. We had to carry out a full investigation and audit and study CCTV. In each case there was a delay but they were paid in full.

“We have 110 employees and a wages clerk who ensures everything is legally compliant.”

She said HMRC had also carried out two audits, checking staff records at random, and had given the company a clean bill of health.

DK Forecourts was ranked 42 in the last Forecourt Trader Top 50 Indies with nine sites.