Topaz, the largest fuels and convenience retailer in Ireland, has announced that the customer who makes the one millionth play in its loyalty game Play or Park will win an experience of a lifetime of their choice.

More than 250,000 Topaz customers have registered for Play or Park and the chance to win prizes every month. It’s expected the one millionth play will be made during June, July or August and the winner will be presented with their choice of the 12 prizes on offer.

These include round the world trips, holidays in Bali or the Bahamas, shopping trips to New York, road trips in California and a new Toyota car with free fuel.

Topaz marketing and corporate services director Paul Candon said the new initiative was part of an intensive two-month campaign aimed at celebrating the success of Play or Park and to encourage more customers to sign up for it.

“The response of customers to Play or Park has been amazing. Our customers said they wanted something that was different, something that was interactive and a bit of fun. That’s what Play or Park is. Now we’re looking forward to celebrating that success by presenting our one millionth player with their choice of an experience of a lifetime.

“The next two months will be very exciting for new and existing players. We will be publicising details of Play or Park, the search for the one millionth player and a number of new elements to the game through a co-ordinated advertising and promotional campaign during June and July.”