Total welcomed 40 dealers to its anniversary seminar at Fawsley Hall in Northamptonshire last month, in recognition of one year of the COGOP - company owned group operator. Total’s retail director Marc Dagniaux announced last year that the company wanted to get closer to dealer groups because it could see the benefit of working together in complementary

partnerships. He wanted dealers to take over the running of around 200 sites from the company owned estate, because he believed they could better satisfy local needs.

Marco Pannunzio, commission and dealer operations manager, said the anniversary seminar was designed to get some feedback on how the operations were running; and to see how the company had fared in its rollout and operation of the scheme.

"We have around 230-240 COGOP sites which dealers have been running for around a year, so we thought it was time to bring everyone together," explained Pannunzio.

"The main objectives were to share best practice in developing shop business, fuel, valeting and standards; and the effective use of ISIS - our in-house epos system. Feedback was generally good in that the dealers liked what we had done, but they initially had a few problems getting to grips with ISIS.

"They also want to share expertise in the shop, and to have more assistance in promoting the car wash business. So we are now working on an action plan for 2008 to satisfy these needs."