The ’Long Way Round’ was obviously not enough for actors Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman, as the pair have just completed the ’Long Way Down’.

The 15,000 mile epic motorbike adventure took them from the northern-most tip of Scotland to the southern-most tip of South Africa.

Total was the fuel sponsor for the trip, with the lads’ bikes running on its Excellium range of advanced fuels.

Total spokesman Iain Cracknell commented: "We are thrilled that the Long Way Down has been such a huge success and that we have been able to support Ewan and Charley all the way. This ’trip of a lifetime’ was all about adventure, exploration and endurance - a perfect fit for Excellium."

McGregor described some of the places they visited as being like something out of an Indiana Jones film.

"A tent, a roll mat, a little bit of food, a bit of petrol in your tank and a vague idea of where you’re going and that’s all you need," he said.

Long Way Down will be shown on the BBC in the autumn.