Lorry drivers are planning to hold another fuel price protest in London at the end of this month. TransAction 2007, the group behind the recent protest in the capital, has told truckers the next one will be on Park Lane on May 27th. On its website, Transaction 2007 states: “Next month on

Tuesday 27th May 2008, We are going back

to Park Lane. BE THERE!” It also congratulates the Metropolitan Police for the way it dealt with the protest on April 29th, for which 65 truckers travelled to London from as far as Cornwall and mid Wales.

The group adds: “We thank Mr Derek Wyatt MP for playing his part in receiving a ‘coffin’ at the Houses of Parliament, depicting the demise of the UK Road Haulage Industry along with a copy of the Burns Inquiry and letters, for onward movement to HM Treasury Ministers, detailing the demise of the UK Road Haulage Industry.

“There are to many people to name, and thank for assistance in the protest of the 29th April 2008, You all know who you are, but PLEASE accept, THANK YOU! for supporting us at TransAction.”

It also thanks Roger King, chief executive of the Road Haulage Association (RHA), “for delivering a box of oratorical fireworks by way of his address to the media and industry in attendance”.

In concludes: “The message was clear and positive for all to understand, including those that would really not wish to listen. Gordon Brown and Alistair Darling please read this. Take your fingers out of your ears, and sort this God awful mess that the UK Road Haulage Industry and the country is in, before we all go broke...Together, we can all beat this, and other problems facing us.”