One of the latest TV shows is looking for contributions from fuel retailers.

Caught on Camera: Britain Sees Red is a light-hearted show about situations caught on camera in which people lose their cool.

Leticia Meruvia, who works on the show, said: “There are a variety of cases in which we might help remedy it, interview people involved to learn how they dealt with it, find out how much patience it takes to do certain jobs and show how cameras can help.

“We thought petrol station employees are professionals who sometimes need a lot of patience to deal with angry or annoyed customers and there might be crazy or funny situations caught on CCTV.

“We want to show clips on the program, but also potentially interview the people working on the frontline so they can share their experiences, telling us what happened and how they dealt with it. We are interested in having access to clips and videos and hear from petrol retailers from all over UK – who are keen to share their experiences.”

Anyone interested in contributing to the show should contact Leticia on 020 2833 3000 ext 2080 or email